School Uniform

School Uniform

It is compulsory for every student to come to school in full school uniform including foot wear.

The School Uniform (for Class K.G. to X) consists of:

  1. White blouse

  2. Dark Grey Pinafores (K.G and Class I)

  3. Dark Grey Skirt with bib (Class II & III)

  4. Dark Grey Skirt (Class IV to V)

  5. Dark Grey Trousers (Class VI to X)

  6. Neck – Tie (Class IV to X)

  7. Maroon sweater with two lemon stripes (Class K.G. to V) / Maroon Blazer (Class VI to X)

  8. House Shirts, track pants, white canvas shoes on Wednesday (Class IV to X)

  9. White socks & black shoes.

  10. Students should plait their hair into two pony-tails and tie with red ribbon.

Uniform/ Dress code for Senior Secondary Classes:

  • Dark brown trousers
  • Cream Top
  • Maroon Scarf
  • Dark brown blazers
  • Track Suit on PE Day
  • White socks & black shoes
  • Students should plait their hair neatly and tie with black rubber band or ribbon