Co-Curricular Activities

Co-Curricular Activities

Opportunities galore for the students of St. Mary’s School to grow up into multi-faceted personalities. The concept of testing the multiple intelligence of the child makes every student feel like winner. Ample opportunities are available for the students to develop their innate talents or to hone further their skills they have already acquired. Clubs such as Guide, Red Cross, Media Smart Club, etc. encourage children to take up various learning activities. Theatres, Debates, Creative writing, Elocution, Painting, Drawing, Flower arrangement, Pot painting, Quiz sessions are regular skill honing activities and are under the guidance of qualified Teachers.

All the activities of the school are directed by the HOUSE SYSTEM. There are four houses having its own colour, patron motto and guided by appointed Moderators.

Red House Laura V. Sacrifice in love
Blue House Don Bosco Joyful Service
Green House Dominic Savio Death rather than sin
Yellow House Mother Mazzarello Selfless devotion

House system governs the activities of Class IV to X giving them the maximum opportunity to develop themselves. Reward and punishment are meted out by merits and demerits both for conduct and studies.

Competitions encourage each House to work hard and aim high everyday. Quiz competition increases general knowledge. One-act play, elocution, painting, drawing, singing, dance, flower arrangement etc. help to form the character and develop the aesthetic talents of the students. Each house is guided by Captain and Vice Captains.

This democratic system draws the best out of the students and trains them for leadership. It teaches them to excel in what they do. At the end of each year, trophies are presented to the winning House and to the best classes for studies, games and activities.