Our Educational Approach

Our Educational Approach

The system of education followed in the schools run by the Salesian Sisters is the Preventive System which is based on three great principles of Reason, Religion and Loving Kindness which create the educational climate of the school. The Sisters, Teachers, Parents and Students constitute an integral unit known as the Educating Community whose primary aim is to form the young to become builders of an honest society, women of upright thinking and acting, commitment and competence.

REASON Stands for a wise and progressive enlightenment of the minds of the young, opening them to the world of culture, the realities of life and the appeal of values. Reason also implies a clear enlightenment of the mind on the truths concerning God and moral behaviour by a sound and systematic moral education.

In dealing with the young, reason also signifies reasonableness, good sense, simplicity, and avoidance of anything artificial. The rules of good behaviour inculcated must be reasonable and essential; they must be patiently brought home to the young. Reason in the context also means persuasiveness and dialogue, and formation of the conscience to personal responsibility and freedom

RELIGION Provides the motivation, the ultimate meaning, significance and orientation of a project of life governed by Reason. For Don Bosco, the well educated person is one who places the knowledge of God at the apex of all his knowledge; his eternal happiness with God at the summit of his life project and submission to the will of God at the center of his personal conscience.

LOVING KINDNESS is rooted in the charity of Christ, the good Shepherd. It is the key that gives access to the heart of every young person. There are very few people who rebel in the face of genuine goodness. One gets discipline by using a blend of kindness and firmness, and by never asking what is beyond the strength of the child. Loving kindness in order to have a true educational value must be based on a healthy equilibrium, which while surrounding the child with genuine love, avoids every form of false affection, and renders the teacher-pupil relationship, a shared search for true values. Don Bosco’s philosophy of education is summarized in this principle, which explains, justifies and actuates it: “ Education is a matter of the heart.”