Clubs and Associations

Clubs and Associations

Guides: Regular Guides classes are held once a month in the school and a St. Mary’s school Scouts & Guides Camporee is held annually. Guides are prepared for Governor’s Award & President’s Award within a span of four years of training. They are also prepared for Regional, National & International Events. Presently, there are about 50 Volunteers from classes 4 to 10. Several students have been awarded with the Governor’s Award for accomplishing tasks like making an illiterate literate, giving volunteer service at charitable institutions, visits to children wards and old people’s wards at Guwahati Medical College Hospital, forming Peace Committees, visiting slum/poor areas and forming social action projects. They take part in various school functions like Sports’ Day, Inter School Competitions, etc. and are always ready to give first aid in case of emergencies.

Teacher In-charge: Mrs. Sunita Chettri, Mrs. Roselyn Antony, Mrs. Suvartha Vani Deka.

VIDES: The organization started in our school on November 7th 2009 with local delegate Sr. Mariam, Sr. Catherine K.P. Superior, Sr. Lissy Rose Mathew Headmistress, teachers and some members (students) in the auspicious presence of Sr. Alphonsa, the provincial delegate. The present VIDES members are Ms. Tanaya Baruah, Mrs. Nizara Kalita, Ms. Alexis Pinheiroo, Ms. Chayanika Sarma with Sr. Elizabeth Valliyil as Co-Ordinator.


  1. To create a declaration of Human Right.
  2. To analyze the existing relation between Common Goods and Human Rights.
  3. To deepen International and Church documents pertaining to Education, Human Rights and the Common Goods.
  4. To appreciate how the right to education serves the common good.
  5. To realize the importance of networking with GO’s, NGO’s, FBO’s and PO’s.
  6. To discover new ways that will strengthen and sustain the education of women and children.
  7. To intensify our commitment to the education of women and children.
  8. To share local and international initiatives of VIDES for the education of women and children.


  1. Rendering economic aid to the poor in need.
  2. Providing food items (Rice, Dal, Sugar, Refined oil etc..)
  3. Providing books, School fees to the poor.
  4. Adoption of children.
  5. Conducting various talents competitions and celebrating important days with the poor.
  6. Training of different teaching skills.
  7. Evening coaching centres.
  8. Special attention to the weak students.
  9. Each one teaches one.
  10. Scholarship for poor children.
  11. To give awareness for higher class studies to the students.
  12. Encouraging the students for their better academic performance by giving them prizes.
  13. Conducting computer class.
  14. Literacy programme for the Self Help Group.
  15. Awareness programmes for women on Empowerment and Human Rights.
  16. Providing help to start small-scale business to women.
  17. Celebration of women’s day.
  18. Self Help Group to stand on their own feet.
  19. Awareness about all forms of violence against woman lobbying for necessary legal procedures, securing speedy justice for survivors of violence and divorced.
  20. Gender based violence is clearly based on power relation between men and women.
  21. Encouraging Self-help Group, self employment and income generating programmes.
  22. Adult Education and leadership training for women.
  23. Awareness programmes for mothers on child care.
  24. Awareness programmes for unwed mothers on the evil of abortion and female infanticide.
  25. Awareness about healthy Food habits to mothers.
  26. Awareness programme on media especially good and bad.
  27. Medical camp in the villages, Awareness programmes on HIV/AIDS.
  28. Conducting awareness programmes on various issues especially cleanliness of the environment.
  29. Awareness programme for health and hygiene.
  30. Raising financial help for major surgeries like Kidney transplant, bypass heart surgery etc. and also medical facilities for the poor.
  31. Keeping environment clean.

Media club:Mrs. Nitu Dutta, Mrs. Barnali Saikia, Mrs. Barsha B. Baruah, Mrs. Syamobi Narzary.

Eco club:Mrs. Trupti Das, Ms. Kakoli Patowary, Mrs. Dipandita Bose Saha, Mrs. Martha Panna, Mrs. Alakananda Pathak.


  1. To be aware of our surroundings.
  2. To be sensitive about the environment.
  3. To have knowledge about the environmental problems.
  4. To develop activities through projects, group discussions etc. Through this activity they will motivate all the students to make use of cloth bags instead of polythene bags.
  5. To motivate the students to preserve and protect the environment in all possible ways.

Literature Club:Mrs. Nabamita Boral, Mrs. Dipti Deka, Mrs. Hema Tiwari, Mrs. Jaba Kumari, Mrs. Nilotpala Sarma.

Band Group:Mr. Indrajit Kalita, Ms. Tanaya Baruah, Mrs. Nizara Kalita.

Vocal Music:Ms. Shyamali Chanda, Mrs. Rupa Kaur

Musical Instrument:Mr. Hrisikesh Saikia

Dance Group:Mrs. Juli Devi, Mrs. Rupjyoti Saharia, Mr. Dayaram Borah

Karate Group:Mr. Mrinmoy Sarma