Library Rules

Library Rules

  1. When taking a book if any defect is noticed it should be brought to the notice of the teacher.

  2. Books lost or damaged must be replaced by the students.

  3. Students should read the library books in the Library room during the library period.

  4. The reference library is a place for serious study. It is open to the students of Classes VII to XII who wish to increase their knowledge in any subject.

  5. Students are allowed to take in only a pencil and a note book. All other articles are to be left outside.

  6. No books shall be taken out of the reference library.

  7. No tracing or marking of any book is allowed as the book may be damaged in the process. Any damage caused will have to be made good by the students concerned.

  8. Books should be retuned to the proper places.

  9. Strict silence should be observed in the reference room.